My story

Hi all! My name is Ivan Razza, I'm an italian guy who loves the 3D world. I've graduated in Mechanics, Mechatronics and Robotics.

I have an unconditional love for the automotive world in all its facets and even for the 3D effects in films and videogames. In the last five years I've been using Blender to create and sell on my own.

I have experience in Robotics since I'm working in Comau S.p.A in Grugliasco and I had few opportunities to test my skills in Blender, creating interactive procedures and 3D animations for commercials. Recently I started selling my 3D works in Fiverr, creating personalised models for each of the requests of my customers.

my future goals

  • Starting to use my 3D skills in my actual work

  • Start to sell my 3D models

  • Start to create and sell personalised 3D models for customers

  • Study at the University

  • Starting to use Unreal Engine (aiming to the automotive field)

  • Learning to model characters in Blender

  • Learning how to rig modeled characters

  • Get certificates of my 3D skills (Autodesk, Rhinoceros, ...)

  • W.I.P.