As a fan of car tuning in general, I love creating exterior designs for every type of car.

I can simply transform a stock car giving it a particular style, creating the bodykit, wheels and other details from 0.

It would be a dream for me to work in this field.

3d Low poly car modelling

In the last times I started creating these types of 3D models.

I mainly worked on commission since now and I've noticed that the result of this particular technique is enjoyed by customers.

This technique consists on modelling on blueprints and real photos references and painting each face of the model manually. So, in summary, the body color, its shadows and lights are created by my immagination.


I have less experience in this field but I would like to improve my skills on modelling and rendering interiors.

3D Rigging, animation and rendering of anthropomorphic robot

These skills were born during the working time in Comau S.p.A.

I had few occasions to create these types of contents for technical interactive procedures and product image and video rendering as commercials.


Just enjoy!

3d printing

Experience of 2 years in 3D printing. I own a Creality CR-10-S5.